My New Journal

My New Journal

I’ve just treated myself to a new travel journal from Scaramanga.

I saw this online whilst looking for something to record my trip to Peru in August. I wanted something that was different from off-the-shelf notebooks and Moleskines. I stumbled across this journal and instantly wanted one. The leather cover and binding, the thick, crisp paper, the weathered appearance made me think of something from old traveller’s tales. Call me old fashioned but I saw myself as the Victorian explorer hiking through the jungle, recording new ground in a fine leather journal.

Excellent product, can’t wait to start filling pages! Images courtesy of

30 thoughts on “My New Journal

  1. Hey! Journaling is great. Where in Scotland are you studying? I studied abroad in London but toured Scotland for a few days. It’s so gorgeous. Keep up with the blogging; it’s a great way to synthesize all of your adventures for yourself and others.

  2. ‘Love the mystical look of this journal: like it has traveled many miles with its keeper. I hope to be recording my thoughts and travels within the binding of one soon. Thanks for sharing! .V..

      • Yes. I thoroughly agree. I have already gone and put mine in my shopping cart. It is one similar to yours…I believe, but it has little scraps of vintage notes on the cover. Thanks again for sharing! : )

  3. I did the same thing once. Searched all over for the perfect journal. Finally found one and bought it. Made five entries and forgot about it. For me, the discipline of a blog is what’s required for consistent journalizing.

    • I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the stamina for a written journal, but the one I have now (a rather unimpressive specimen from Paperchase) is receiving regular entries. Unlike my blog which I only update when I feel I have something truly worth sharing.

  4. I understand how you feel, and your excitement about your upcoming trip. Both your choice of journal and your choice of where to go show an intense respect for what has gone before.

  5. I began my first journal in the in 1967. I used 3″ x ” 42 page, lined paper to go in small 6 ring binders. I just stapled them together. I ended up with 500 pages, hand written with a ball point pen, from the last 165 days that I was in the army. Over the years ive used everything from single pages of 8 1/2 x 11 loose leaf, to blank pages both hand written and type written. Then in 1991 I began to buy blank journals at bookstores like borders for anywhere from $3.99 – $10.00. One year my son gave me a beautiful leather bound blank journal. I’ve filled 20 volumes since 1991.

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